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Week 1 - A Light in the Darkness

December 2nd, 2018


The coming of Jesus into the world represents a new beginning for God and his relationship with humanity as well as for humanity and our relationship with God.  The birth of Christ pierces the darkness forever.


Luke 1: 26-38


Mary receives unexpected news that transforms her life. What unexpected news have you received lately? How has that changed your life?

As we start this advent season, what hopes do you have for God this year?

What would you like God to bring to you this Christmas?


Getting ready for Christmas can feel stressful. Take a deep breath and smile with this video from a Charlotte Church.  Check out the Christmas Presents video


During this season of Advent, explore a new devotional resource that speaks to you. Consider one of the following.

Pray As You Go: Imagining the Nativity 

Busted Halo Advent Calendar

Traci Smith's Free Advent Faith Practices Calendar

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