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Week 4 - Jesus is Born

December 23rd and 24th, 2018


Christmas has come once more. We hear about the baby, the angels, and the shepherds. Mary ponders the moment as the scene unfolds. Finally God has come to dwell with us.


Luke 2:1-20


What surprises have come to you this Christmas?

How has God come closer to you this advent season?

What words do you have for Jesus this Christmas?


This Christmas, we followed the journey of Mary, Joseph, Bo and his friends courtesy of The Star. Come and adore the newborn king:


This Christmas season, Delano United Methodist Church has brought Christmas cheer to families by providing countless donations to many organizations including Tree of Hope MN, Love Inc Heartland, Emma Norton Services, and Simpson Shelter. Thank you for making our neighbors Christmas prayers come true. Spend time this week, praying for one of these vital charities. Because of your generosity, you have made God dwell with people in amazing ways. Thank you!

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