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Week 5 - Jesus Presented in the Temple

December 30th, 2018


Mary and Joseph were faithful to God and kept their traditions as a sign of their devotion.  In this story, the baby Jesus is presented in the temple. When they arrive, they are surprised to find that there are people who having been waiting years for them to come.


Luke 2:21-38


Mary and Joseph brought their new baby, Jesus to the temple to have him dedicated. Think back about your own family. Have you ever brought anything or anyone to be dedicated? What was that experience like?


Anna and Simeon were worshipping God in the temple when they realized that their long awaited king had arrived. They were overjoyed. Have you ever been overjoyed by being surprised by an arrival of something you have been waiting for? What was that like?


What are you still waiting for God to bring to you?


Anna and Simeon had waited their whole lives for Jesus. Learn more about their story with your family this week


John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist Church, encouraged Christians to recommit themselves to their lives of faith at the start of each year by praying this Covenant Prayer:

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