Circuit Training - Neighborhood Connections

Feb 17th - April 11th


Connect with your neighbors this Lent.

In pioneer days preachers traveled a circuit and visited and served the communities along that circuit.

You are invited to join a Lent circuit in your neighborhood. A group of 4-5 households will form a circuit. Beginning on Ash Wednesday a gift bag will be brought to the first household by the circuit leader. In the bag will be the names and contact information of each person in your circuit. You will have one week to contact each household in your circuit either with a card, a phone call or a text. Also there will be a notebook in the bag on which to write a memorable experience you have had during the past year. By the following Wednesday you will carry the bag to the next household in the circuit. The bag will continue through the circuit until the bag returns to the circuit leader.

The circuit leader will be the contact if the task cannot be completed. The leader will contact the household of the current bag holder on Monday or Tuesday to make sure there are no holdups.

After Easter some of the stories may be shared by a few of the group leaders with permission by the group.

To sign up contact the church office at 763-972-3492 or Or contact Connie Turnquist.

3310 County Line Rd SE
Delano, MN 55328
(763) 972-3492


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