March Can-Do Offering

March - April 2021

Learn more about our March and April Can-Do Offering!

This spring, make an impact through OC Ministries by donating to the development of a new OC Ministries Secondary School in Baiwalla, Sierra Leone. Our March and April Can Do offering will go directly towards the Baiwalla project for OC Ministries, as they work towards opening a new school, which includes the development of a local store and a farm so that the school can become self sufficient. To learn more about this project, be sure to tune in to online worship as Pastor Stina interviews Ann Carlson, MN UMC liaison for the Baiwalla project.

OC Ministries is a mission arm of the United Methodist Church in Minnesota working in partnership with children and their families in developing countries. They work through nine specialties called “OC”s, including churches, classrooms, curriculum, clinics, crops, clean water, clear vision, cut & sew, and connection. To learn more about OC Ministries visit:

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