Simpson Shelter Can-Do

January - February 2022

Join in the fight to help fight homelessness by supporting the ministry of Simpson Shelter.

Our Can-Do Mission for January and February this year is to support the Simpson Housing ministry in Minneapolis. Our Can-Do offerings will go to help fund their efforts to help people off the streets and to find a warm meal.

A big thank you to all the volunteers who helped the ministry trip on New Years day: Burt Koenecke,  Tim Parsons, Leslie Parsons, Denise Young,  Ben Young, Terri Johnson and Connie Turnquist (behind the camera) served meatloaf,  creamy hash browns, vegetables and cookies at Simpson Shelter. An extra thank you to Elaine Morrow,  LeAnn June, Amy Wallingford, and Lauren and Mike Simons who met at church on December 31st to prepare the meal and Terri Johnson and Connie Turnquist who baked and wrapped each cookie for serving.