Week 4 - Noah and the Flood

September 30th, 2018

Setting the scene...

Noah and the Flood is a scene of frightening catastrophe coupled with miraculous redemption.  Noah, who “walks with God” is a good man and God warns him of the impending catastrophe and instructs Noah to prepare.  Noah listens and builds the ark and it saves him and his family and all good things of the world despite the devastation of the flood.  This is a lesson for us too. We too are faced with catastrophe in life but by walking with God and preparing, like Noah, we can do our best to stave off the worst the world can throw at us.  In the end, despite the ordeal, God blesses Noah and promises to never destroy the world by way of flood again.

Reading for this week...

Genesis 6-9

Questions for reflection...

When you have encountered catastrophe, in your life or the world in general, how did you respond?

How has God been present in those times and where has He felt absent?

How can we prepare ourselves, physically and spiritually for the trials that we may face?

For additional study...

WATCH: In the book of Genesis, God offers Noah a covenant reminder of a rainbow. Learn more about the Biblical understanding of Covenants from The Bible Project:

READ: Sometimes life can seem overwhelming and that storms are raging everywhere. Yet, humankind has been doing amazing things. Learn more about the goodness of humanity through Human progress here:

JOIN A CLASS: Talk with other people about the Book of Genesis during a Bible study class at Delano UMC. Classes meet on Sunday or Thursday evenings. For more info

PRAYER EXERCISE:  Prayer involves all our senses. Consider how Jesus is with you through life’s storms by exploring an imaginative contemplation exercise using the Gospel story of Jesus walking on water: