Week 8 - Sacrifice of Isaac

October 28th, 2018

Setting the scene...

God has a problem.  He has created all these free human beings and now wants them to learn to love one another and to love him - but how to teach that?  How can God help human beings to love freely, without compulsion or threat? God builds the world and by the first generation, Cain and Abel, things have gone wrong.  Ten generations later, God begins again with Noah, but that doesn’t work either. By the time Abraham has come, God has decided on another way - give Abraham and Sarah an aim to shoot for.  Give them a promise, to bless the whole world through them, if they can find a way to be good. God puts them through all sorts of tests, including one so hard it is difficult to imagine - the order to sacrifice their only son, Isaac.  Is it worth it?

Reading for this week...

If time permits, read Genesis 18-22. Focus especially on Genesis 22:1-14

Questions for reflection...

Imagine Abraham’s journey that brought him this far. What do you think Abraham thought when he heard God’s command?

What questions do you have about this story?

Why does this story appear in the Bible?

How is God speaking to you through Abraham’s journey today?

For additional study...

WATCH: Consider the sacrifices parents make everyday to raise their children by watching Jordan Peterson’s interpretation of Genesis 22, “The Sacrifice of Parenthood”:

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