Week 10 - Jacob's Dream

November 11th, 2018

Setting the scene...

Now with the death of Abraham and Sarah the time has come for the promise to move forward to their children and grandchildren.  How will they respond? Will they live up to the commitment that God has given them? Jacob starts his story by stealing the birthright and blessing of his older twin Esau, but God comes to him in a dream and it changes his life.  God overlooks his failings and struggles and keeps his promise to the children of Abraham. Although Jacob embraces his new role, he does not get to sidestep the consequences of his bad decisions. We too are like Jacob, we struggle and fail to live up to our potential, yet God keeps that same promise that we have inherited through Jesus Christ.

Reading for this week...

Consider reading Genesis 24-37 throughout the week. Pay special attention to Jacob’s dream in Genesis 28:10-22

Questions for reflection...

How have you failed to live up to the promise and expectations of God in your life?  What are the things that you regret or wish that you could do over?  Have you (unjustly) punished yourself for these things?  Remember there are always consequences to our actions, but God never forsakes us - we are his children - and he will not forget his promise to you.  

For additional study...

WATCH: We have spent months reading the chapters of Genesis. Take time this week, by stepping back and considering the larger story of the Bible, as you watch this video created by the Bible Project.

JOIN A CLASS: Talk with other people about the Book of Genesis during a Bible study class at Delano UMC. Classes meet on Sunday or Thursday evenings. For more info

PRAYER EXERCISE:  Jacob’s dream is filled with images that speak throughout the centuries. Prayerfully take time with an image that speaks to you and encounter Visio Divina, or divine seeing:

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