Week 2 - Son of God

January 20, 2019


The Apostle's Creed, unsurprisingly, focuses on Jesus Christ.  Jesus represents for us the best understanding of what God is about and the best example of how we are to live our lives.


John 1:29-34


How do you understand the person of Jesus Christ?  If someone were to ask you, 'who do you think Jesus is?' how would you answer?

The life of Jesus emboldens us to be Christ-like.  How can you be Christ-like to the people around you?


Over these next few weeks, join us in worship or at a small group study as we explore what the Apostles’ Creed means.  This video covers the Gospel of Mark, one of the primary sources we have of the life of Christ.


Reflect on one of the common biblical titles given to Jesus during your prayer time this week: