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Week 3 - Music of Creation

December 16th, 2018


Zechariah breaks into prophetic song at the birth of his son John.  The vision of a new order comes to him in his joy - a vision of the fulfillment of the promise made so long ago.


Luke 1:67-80


Have you ever found yourself speechless before? Confronted with news that seems astonishing? What was it?

Christmas is a season of long awaited promises finding an unusual road to fulfillment. What promises has God given you that have yet to be fulfilled?

What promises have you made that are waiting for you to fulfill them? What must you do to keep your own promises this Christmas?


As we draw closer to Christmas Eve, reflect on the Christmas story, as told in the Gospel According to Luke, by the Bible Project:


As we draw closer to Christmas Eve, we remember that Jesus is our Emmanuel, “God with Us.” Spend time this week asking God to come anew into your life once more as Emmanuel through song and through the “O Antiphons” of “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel.”

Praying the “O Antiphons”

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