Week 6 - God's Promise to Abraham

October 14th, 2018

Setting the scene...

Genesis 12 is a chapter of new beginnings, marking the start of the “Patriarchs Cycle” in Genesis 12-50, where God shows a new way forward for humanity through one family that will bless the entire world. Over the next few weeks we will walk along with Abram and Sarai, exploring their journey to a promised land, one that will change them and the world forever. In today’s story, we enter into Abram’s initial call story from God. At a ripe old age, he is called to restart his entire life in a new place and become a father. Genesis 12:1-4 speaks a powerful word today in those instances when we are called to leave all that is known behind; to relinquish all our comforts and securities; to follow God with closed eyes; to depart on a journey without a map. The journey may be long, sometimes much longer than one may have thought. It is a journey with many ups and downs, many joys and sorrows. But it is journey filled with many, many promises -- the most important being the promise of God’s presence to show us the way.

Reading for this week...

Genesis 12:1-9

Questions for reflection...

What do you think Abram and Sarai discussed with one another after God spoke with Abram?

How would you have felt to be in Abram and Sarai’s position?

What does this story teach us about God?

How is God blessing you to be a blessing today?

For additional study...

WATCH: Approximately 4,000 years ago, Abraham settled in Haran on his way to Canaan. Find out what Haran looked like in the days of Abraham and what it looks like today as you watch Rick Steve's tour of Harran, Turkey

JOIN A CLASS: Talk with other people about the Book of Genesis during a Bible study class at Delano UMC. Classes meet on Sunday or Thursday evenings. For more info

PRAYER EXERCISE:  This week, Delano UMC also has begun praying through Psalm 23 as a congregation. Pray through Psalm 23 using different translations using the button below.  Spend time internalizing the Psalm using your favorite translation. See if you can memorize it.