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Week 7 - A Child Promised

October 21st, 2018

Setting the scene...

Abraham and Sarah had been traveling for almost 25 years after their initial calling from God. Together they had seen the terrors of famine, war, and continued to struggle with infertility. They had tried to solve the promise through their own ways, creating even more pain and strife. Life was a mess. This promise land seemed to be full only of disappointment. So when God shows up once more with a promise of a child, Sarah laughs.

Reading for this week...

If time permits, read all of Genesis 12-18 to understand the journey of Abraham and Sarah. This week, the sermon focuses especially on Genesis 18:1-15:

Questions for reflection...

What kind of commitments or agreements with others have you made in your life?

What would happen if either party failed to keep his or her end of the agreement?

How are the commitments or agreements you made like or unlike the covenant that God made with Abraham?

Are there promises God has made to you that you feel are unfulfilled? Share those with God and listen for God’s response.

Have you ever tried fixing things on your own like Abraham and Sarah? Have you ever laughed at God’s ideas?

For additional study...

WATCH: Take a step back and consider how God speaks through the series of Genesis known as “The Patriarchs,” as you watch The Bible Project’s overview of Genesis 11-50

JOIN A CLASS: Talk with other people about the Book of Genesis during a Bible study class at Delano UMC. Classes meet on Sunday or Thursday evenings. For more info

PRAYER EXERCISE:  As we continue to pray through Psalm 23, consider listening to different musical renditions of this famous Psalm. Cantus sings Bobby McFerrin’s acapella version of Psalm 23:

David Crowder sings, “Shepherd,” reminding us of Jesus’ role as our Good Shepherd

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