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Updated: April 8, 2020


Wright County Community Action (WCCA) Assistance

April 8, 2020

ENERGY ASSISTANCE AVAILABLE TO HELP PAY HEAT AND ELECTRIC BILLS During this time of uncertainty, we recognize that many people are facing economic hardship. If your household or someone you know is worried about paying for heat and electric bills, apply for Energy Assistance today. Energy Assistance is a program to help pay a portion of heat and electric bills. Homeowners may also qualify for a free heating system repair or replacement. E-mail us at to have an application mailed to you or go to our website to download an application. Our offices are currently closed to the public, but if you have questions about how to apply, please e-mail us! We are here to help! You can submit your application by email, fax, mail or you can drop it off in our Maple Lake office drop box at:

130 Division Street West

Maple Lake, MN 55358 

March 23, 2020 - 

WCCA have manpower, resources, funding and materials readily available to help Senior Citizens in need, this also includes delivery. Things are in place and they are prepared to help. They also have transportation and housekeeping and other programs available for your future reference.

What they don't have is a way to find out who may have a need for food, supplies, ready made frozen meals etc. You can help in one of several ways. Senior Citizens in need of assistance are encouraged to contact our church office OR call Wright County Community Action Phone Eric in the Senior Services: 320-963-6500 x 274.


To help someone in need, you are also encouraged to fill out one of the attached forms for them and get it to Wright County Community.


For more information you may call Eric, or Jay Weatherford the Executive Director of Wright County Community Action.


**Also to note the Emergency Food Boxes (50) can be located by checking the Wright County Community Action website. These are available for anyone to use.


The Wright County Emergency Food Shelf is also open extended hours and they have delivery) is the best way to gain more information about them.

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