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Christian Education

Delano UMC is committed to providing education and small group opportunities for all ages.  From our youngest members to our oldest, we want you to be a part of exploring your faith and having the opportunity to know God.

Ages 0 - 4

Preschool Baby Moses.jpg

Pre-School and Nursery

Each Sunday morning our nursery is staffed during worship for our youngest visitors.  Our aim at this age is for children to have a positive experience of church and to play and be with other children (while giving the parents an hour to worship!)

Additionally, each month we provide a 'Parents Time Out' and invite children of all ages to come to church and play.  The times for these events will be posted in our 'What's Happening' and in our Chit Chat Newsletter.

Ages 5 - 9

Sunday School

Each Sunday during worship we invite our young elementary students to Sunday School.  Our aim with this age group is to give them very basic lessons in virtues and an introduction to key Biblical characters and stories.  Our hope is that they begin to build friendships and find church to be an exciting place to be on Sunday mornings!


Ages 10-14

Wednesday Night Confirmation

We invite our older elementary and middle school students to come to church on Wednesday evenings (6:00 - 7:30pm). Here they are split up into two groups the youngers and the olders.  Both groups learn Bible lessons, work on service projects, pray together, discuss middle school issues (ad nauseum!) and build friendships together.

Ages 15-18

Youth Bible Study

Later Wednesday nights (7:30-8:30pm) we invite our older high school students to pizza and a Bible Study.  Pastor Chad leads this small group as we read through the Bible, pray together and discuss future plans as these young men and women get ready for the next phase of their life.



Sunday Small Group

Sunday after worship we take our coffee and treats from fellowship time and spend an hour or so together talking about the Bible and other theological topics.  Discussions range far and wide as we share our life experiences with one another and pray together.  If you are new and looking to connect, this is a good way to do it.

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