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In gratitude of 150 years of ministry, Delano UMC has established an endowment fund to secure a fruitful legacy for generations to come.  Consider giving a gift today to the Delano UMC Endowment Fund as one way of furthering your lifetime commitment and stewardship to the church’s mission and ministries in the future. An endowment is a permanently restricted, self-sustaining source of funding. Earnings are paid out annually according to the church's wishes. Donations such as cash, checks, or stock options may be given. Checks should be written to Delano UMC, with memo line noting "Endowment Fund." For more information, contact the church office.


What is the Delano UMC Endowment Fund?

The Delano UMC endowment fund is a permanently restricted, self-sustaining source of funding.
An endowment fund pools contributions from its donors and invests those contributions so that
they will grow.  The portfolio is managed professionally, and then a portion of the investment
fund is withdrawn each year and used for purposes designated by the church. As such, donations
made today are truly lasting gifts, which will continue to support our church for many years into
the future.
Delano UMC has chosen that the principal of the endowment fund must reach $25,000 before the
Endowment Committee will consider distributing any annual earnings for ministry needs.

How is a gift to the Endowment Fund different than my annual giving?

While your current gifts to the church go to the annual operating budget and to ongoing
missions, a gift to the Endowment is invested with the objective of protecting and growing the
principal. The annual earnings are able to provide gifts to be used by the church. In this way,
your gift becomes a perpetual gift which goes on giving into the future.

How is the Endowment Fund invested?
We have chosen to invest the portfolio through the MN United Methodist Foundation, which has
a long successful track record in managing endowment assets for hundreds of United Methodist
churches. In addition to good performance, they invest in keeping with the social principles of
the United Methodist Church.

What is the minimum donation?
There is no minimum donation to our general endowment fund.

What kinds of gifts can I donate?
There are many ways you can choose how you want to make your gift. The Endowment fund is
ready to receive gifts of cash, stock, or bonds, or as a beneficiary in a life insurance policy,
401K, or IRA. Often endowment gifts are given in honor or memory of family, friends, or
special occasions. 

May I donate something other than cash or investments?  
We are appreciative of all gifts, as we know they come from grateful hearts. Some gifts may be
very illiquid or costly to manage. In such cases, the Endowment Committee has the final
determination regarding whether to accept any individual gift, should such gift be determined not
to be in the best interest of the Fund or the Church. If you are contemplating such a gift, please
speak with the pastor or to a member of the Endowment Committee so that we may understand
the circumstances and make a decision that will be best for all.

How can I donate?
Cash donations may be given directly to Delano United Methodist Church. Please note,
“Endowment Fund” with your donation.

For more information about stock, bonds, or other donations, please contact the Church Office to
speak with Evonne Dennis or Pastor Stina Koppes.

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